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Join my book launch team to get my new book free

Hello everyone! In this blog, I'd like to share an exciting opportunity with you all (sign up link at the bottom of this post).

As you may or may not know, I'm a children's book author and my focus has always been to spread messages of diversity and inclusion through my work. I'm currently working on my new book where these topics will be totally front and centre.

I can't say too much yet... but the book will show how diverse families are (in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, sexual-orientation etc.) but at their very heart, families have the same core values.

To help me reach as many people as possible and allow me to spread this great message, I'm looking for some amazing people to work with me and help with my next book launch. And you'll even get a freebie (keeping reading to find out more!)

I’ve just started my own “Super Amazing Book Launch Team" and I'd love to offer you a spot to get involved and help me spread the word about my new books! 🚀

Anyone who would like to sign up for my book launch team will get a FREE digital copy of my new book - before it’s even been published!

All I ask in exchange is that you leave an honest, no-strings-attached review for the book on Amazon when it gets officially published.

You’ll also be entered into a giveaway for the chance to win a free signed copy of the new book. 📖 ✍️

If you're interested in signing up, please click the link below. I'd love to have as many of you as possible on board! You can be as involved as you like and it will require hardly any of your time.

Stay safe and I hope to hear from you all very soon!


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