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The Adventures of Sam The Speedy Sloth:
Playtime in the rainforest
(Sam The Speedy Sloth Book 2)

Sam The Speedy Sloth is back again, and he’s still just as speedy…and clumsy!

Based on the best-selling book Sam The Speedy Sloth, this series follows the continued adventures of Sam and all the fun he gets up to.


The book follows Sam as he goes into the rainforest to find some friends to play games with. Along the way, he meets a toucan, an armadillo and even an otter! Although they are all so different, they learn how to adapt their favorite games and still have fun together.


At the back of the book, you will also find some fun activities, like hidden images, spot the difference, a word scramble and cool fact files for all the animals in the book.

Suitable for children aged 4-8.

Also available in other languages. Click the links for more info:


German, French, Spanish, Spanish-English BilingualPortuguese, Romanian and Italian.

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