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Now That You Are Age 
(Personalisation and other ages available)

Every child is special at whatever age they are, so celebrate it with this lovely first birthday gift for babies and children!  


This cute children's picture book celebrates the magic of turning one year old! Each page of the book starts with the sentence “Now that you are one…” and gives fun and interesting facts about the child’s age.  


E.g., “Now that you are one, you’ve drunk enough liquid to fill 2.4 bathtubs!”  


There are also fun and interactive activities at the back of the book such as a colouring page, spot the difference and a word search. All the language in the story is very simple and easy to read, making it ideal for all age groups and the perfect keepsake.  


Each page features beautiful and colorful illustrations with adorable penguins. The illustrations are unisex, so they are suitable for both boys and girls. 

Suitable for children aged 1-5.

The book is available on Amazon (non-personalised) and also on Etsy (personalised).

Buy here (non personalised):

Buy here (personalised):

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