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You Are Pretty Wonderful Just The Way you Are

Anyone who reads my books will probably know, or will be able to guess, that diversity and inclusion are key topics used in all my stories. I believe that children should be taught these important values from a young age, and children's book are the perfect way to get them started!

So, I was of course more than happy to talk about this subject on the Reading With Your Kids podcast. The show is an IHeartRadio Award nominated podcast which inspires families to read together.

In the episode, I talk about why diversity is the main topic of my best-selling children's book "Sam The Speedy Sloth", and the reasons why it's important to teach children that they are wonderful just the way they are, and they don't need to compare themselves to others.

You can listen to the podcast above, or you can head over to the Reading With Your Kids website and listen to my episode here. Alternatively, you can find the podcast on iTunes, IHeartRadio or your other preferred podcast provider.

I hope you enjoy the episode and remember... you are pretty wonderful just the way you are!


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