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Launching a Children's Book Without Breaking the Bank

As some of you may know, I sort of "fell" in to self-publishing back in 2018. I was inspired to write a children's book after I saw a poster of a sloth in an airport. I was so inspired in fact, that I wrote the first draft of my book "Sam The Speedy Sloth" on the plane journey! And the rest, as they say, is history.

I was delighted when I was asked to appear on the Self Publishing Show, which is part of Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula (SPF). Mark Dawson is an award-nominated, USA Today bestseller, who now runs SPF to help teach other self-publishers (like me) to grow their careers as well as give tips and tricks about how to successfully self-publish a book.

In my episode of the show, I talk about how to publish a children's book without 'breaking the bank', i.e. on a tight budget, where I got the illustrations from, putting my book together, self-publishing and marketing and then how I turned the book (and my subsequent books) into #1 bestsellers.

Check out the video above to watch my full episode, which you can also find on YouTube. Please like and comment if you enjoy the episode! If you prefer to listen to the episode in podcast form, feel free to go on over to the SPF website to listen to my episode here or find it on iTunes (or your podcast provider of choice).



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